My first 101 items in 1001 days begins today.

So, last year, I found a blog post by one of the founders of Postcrossing. has become a passion of mine. It deserves, and will get, its own post soon. But, the point is, she posted on her personal blog her THIRD 101 items in 1001 days list and I was inspired to do the same.

The idea is to create a list of 101 items that you will accomplish in 1001 days. Some of the items are simple "replace my computer". Some are more challenging, "Start a company". But the idea is to hack your life and give it some purpose and a roadmap for where you want to be in 1001 days. It also provides some ideas for when life feels at a standstill.

The goal is to finish them all. The ability to finish them all is nearly impossible. But, if I can achieve even half of these 101 items, then my accomplishments over 1001 days will be monumental.

I urge you all to start your own 101 items in 1001 days lists.

Stay tuned here, as I mark off items or add details about some of the items as I go along. October 24, 2018 will be here soon enough!

  1. Visit five new countries (Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Germany)
  2. Start a company
  3. Learn how to modify my Squarespace blog
  4. Finish two online courses (TBD) Took aTEFL course in Prague - September, 2017
  5. Try tai-chi
  6. Learn to make Bead jewelry or chain mail style jewelry
  7. Do a cooking course or internship
  8. Restart my blog and write at least once a week for three months
  9. Host five dinners Hosted two
  10. Sleep in a mountain hut
  11. Go on a minimum four day backpacking trip
  12. Photograph all the food I eat in a week
  13. Teach a class in something English as a foreign language 
  14. Make jam (Strawberry Jam - 2016)
  15. Watch ten black and white movies  
  16. Grow some of my own food and spices
  17. Visit a planetarium
  18. Repaint the interior of the house
  19. Do the seven minute workout everyday for a month
  20. Spend one month working standing
  21. Sew something that I can wear:
  22. Find a craft and become proficient at it.  
  23. See a volcano
  24. Return to London:  
  25. Learn how to make chocolate
  26. Improve my German Worked on German and Czech
  27. Donate time to a museum or library
  28. Try yoga:  
  29. Read ten books by Terry Pratchett:  Sourcery, Wyrd Sisters, Mort, Thud!, Moving Pictures
  30. Try ten different teas:  
  31. Do a postcard newsletter for friends & family
  32. Design and publish an adult coloring book
  33. Go camping
  34. Discover Charles Gebhardt and Anna Gebhardt's parents
  35. Reduce my energy consumption by 10%:
  36. Visit an island: England in 2017
  37. Prostate exam (Saptember, 2016)
  38. Sell ten things I don’t need: Car - August, 2017
  39. Pickle or ferment something:
  40. Do one year of Mission:Pic
  41. Host a thanksgiving dinner
  42. Donate blood  (Donated blood at DragonCon 2016)
  43. Reach 195 lbs
  44. Try five new cuisines Viener Schniztel, Belgian Hot Chocolate, Czech Svičkova
  45. Try ten new ice-cream flavours:
  46. Plant at least three trees
  47. Pick a day of the week to be digital free. Stick to it for 26 weeks.  
  48. Make cheese:
  49. Take pictures of the stars at night
  50. Color my hair a color like blue or green or red
  51. Learn circular breathing to play the didgeridoo  
  52. Go to Slovenia and do the 3-border hike
  53. Visit miniature Wunderland in Hamburg  
  54. Contribute something to wikipedia:
  55. Create a cosplay costume for DragonCon
  56. Go sledding
  57. Sleep under the stars
  58. Watch at least one TED talk a day for 90 days
  59. Do a month of letters:
  60. Do an advent calendar
  61. Play board games with three different sets of friends Claude and Carl
  62. Celebrate Chinese new year:
  63. Find five new recipes for the slow-cooker
  64. Try ten new spices
  65. Make a tiny diorama
  66. Run a warrior dash
  67. Learn how to process digital photos
  68. Get a new MacBook MacBook Pro 7/7/2017
  69. Speak to an audience about a passion of mine
  70. For once, be done with Christmas shopping before December
  71. Do 15 push-ups in a row
  72. Cook five new soups 
  73. Make five new salads
  74. Sell my house and find a small sustainable living arrangement
  75. Learn to paint
  76. Learn how to shoot portraits
  77. Create inspirational postcards to sell
  78. Take my dad on a trip somewhere he's never been
  79. Read at least one book a month for twelve months Six or seven books so far in 2018
  80. Travel to another country with my daughter (Canada in February 2016)
  81. Visit at least ten cities to watch the Anaheim Ducks play away games (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Columbus, OH; Raleigh, NC)
  82. Investigate my food truck idea
  83. Investigate my tea shop idea
  84. Create a podcast dedicated to Postcrossing and do at least one episode per month for a year
  85. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  86. Road trip across the US visiting tadpoolers.  
  87. Backpack across Europe visiting tadpoolers Neill Mitchell, Darryl Shayler, Jon Moore, Sebastiaan van Djyk
  88. Write a personal manifesto and publish it
  89. Learn to cook five family recipes (Marjorie's candied yams, dads canned ham, dads stuffing, uncle Rubens tamales, Urulas schnitzel)
  90. Learn to play an instrument.  
  91. Create something around #DoingItRight
  92. Walk at least a mile, three days a week for six months walked an average of five miles a day for 10 months in 2018 in Prague
  93. Work overseas for a few months, six if possible Living and working in Prague starting in September, 2017
  94. Visit at least five of the states I've not yet visited: AK, HI, MT, MI, ND, NH, VT, ME, NC.
  95. Spend at least an hour talking, one-on-one with a celebrity hero
  96. Kayak and zip line more
  97. Train for hiking the Appalachian trail, the Pacific Coast trail, or the Continental Divide trail
  98. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or food bank
  99. Start a Happiness Jar and leave a note each day for six months. Post the results after the time is up.  
  100. Stretch 15 minutes each morning and evening for at least two months
  101. Select a group of single-view postcards to be my itinerary for backpacking across Europe. May, 2017