How Miss Jean Louis Saved Her Family Kale Farm

Back in the 1980s, Miss Jean Louis lived with her family on a Kale farm*. At that time, Pizza Hut was the worlds largest consumer of Kale, only not in the way you'd expect these days. Back then, Kale was used by Pizza Hut to decorate their salad bars and to cover up the ice used to keep the salad bar items fresh. (This is true, I worked at Pizza Hut back in the late 80s**.)

Sometime in the 1990s, however, Pizza Hut decided to stop using Kale to decorate their salad bars, thus throwing Miss Jean Louis' family farm into a dangerous financial downward spiral. Young Miss Jean decided it was her duty, at the ripe age of 5***, to save the family business.

She embarked upon a decade long series of experiments to create a plethora of Kale recipes that would, slowly turn the family fortunes around. It was at the end of this decade of experimentation, that she met Misha Collins****, and together, they set out to launch the hipster movement so that Kale consumption could be guaranteed and her family farm saved.

* Unsubstantiated rumor, **True, ***Unknowable fact, ****Deliberate lie